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Built for the Caribbean Online Shopper

RedBarrel was built specifically to serve the Caribbean customer who wants an easier way to latest products from the US and beyond. Our website gives you the first-class service many of your friends and family already experience in the US: ordering items from a website and then having those items delivered quickly to their home or office with affordable, trackable logistics. We currently serve The Bahamas, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago.

The Easiest Way to Buy Online

When you use RedBarrel you also no longer need to use shipping or freight forwarding companies. With some of these companies you have to pay a registration fee, drive all the way to their office and then join a line to pick up your package. Choose RedBarrel for a better, faster and more transparent shopping experience.

Over 1 Million Brand New Products from over 1,000 Brands

RedBarrel has the largest selection of products available to Caribbean customers. All items are especially selected to serve your needs and wants. We have tens of thousands of new items being added every week at affordable prices from the most desired brands.

Fast and Affordable Delivery

We have partnered with DHL, one of the leading professional courier services, to have your package delivered straight to your home or office. This means your package is delivered much quicker plus DHL allows you to track the location of your package online. Customers in Bahamas, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago can pay customs and shipping fees on delivery using card or payment card. Customers in Jamaica can pay customs and shipping fees via our new online service. You can estimate your shipping fees by clicking here.

Caribbean Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Most shopping websites in America do not accept Caribbean credit cards or debit cards. RedBarrel is happy to accept both any local or international card that has the MasterCard, Visa or American Express logo.

Free Returns and Insured Delivery

RedBarrel gives you free returns if your item arrives incorrect. We also provide you free limited liability insurance in-case your order is damaged or lost during transit.


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